On the road and at the heart of the craters , discover new sacred lakes of Mont Passot .
Different circuits are proposed:

  1. Forest Walk to Antsahamanavaka: 4km circuit , 2h to 2h3O of visit . Driveway teak and local uses , different medicinal plants , landscape, biodiversity and history. Discover the daily life of the Sakalava , transition to the sacred waterfall, ecological gesture (community reforestation) .
  2. Discovering Antsidihy: 5km circuit between 3 and 4 hours visit. Bird watching , passing the waterfall, bridge of monkey , crocodile sunbathing , meeting with villagers, planting and ylang ylang distillation.
  3. Trekking extreme and historical-cultural to Amparihibe : 6km circuit 4 to 5 hours of visit. View surplomblante the west of the archipelago , went orchids , perfume plants , crossing the lake and climb Mont Passot .




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